Tired of being Injured?

Are sore feet and joints hampering your athletic performance? Your feet are the bedrock of your body. Neglecting them can lead to 'cracks' in your performance and health – much like a house with a faulty foundation. The culprit? Standard cleats. Most are too narrow and overly stiff, lacking an ergonomic design tailored to your unique feet.

Scan at home in 5 minutes

Utilizing Volumental scanning technology, BioCleats are adapted to fit your unique feet. Scanning is easy, find a scanner near you or scan online by pressing the "Scan your feet." button below

Your Feet are Unique - So why aren't your Shoes?

Every foot is unique, not just from person to person, but even between your left and right foot. So, why settle for shoes designed for the 'average'? Research involving over 1.2 million scans by Volumental reveals a single width size fits only 40% of people. And width is just one aspect. Toe box shape, instep height, heel width, ankle bone positioning, and arch shape can all affect shoe fit and performance.

100% Custom

Every part of the BioCleats are custom designed to your feet, including the cleat plate. The stud plate outline along with each individual stud is based on the bone structure of your feet. This ensures proper force transfer and minimization of unnatural pressure and flexing.

Deep dive into the how and why BioCleats are designed.

Foot Inspired Design

A custom, foot-shaped toe box and a sole plate with built in arch flexibility allow your feet to move naturally, waking up dormant muscles to reintegrate into your athletic movements.

Modular Foot Accessories

Toe Spacers & Metpads are included with your BioCleats.
Metpads help to engage dormant and atrophied muscles while the Toe Spacers ensure healthy toe alignment and minimize slippage.
Modular sizes and setups allow for a gradual approach to foot rehab perfect for the minimal enthusiast or complete beginner.
Check out our tutorial to see how they work.

Join the Prevolve Movement

By buying BioCleats you become a valued member of our community. We take feedback seriously, as soon as we see problems with a design we address it, pushing updates as soon as the next day to the design algorithm... And we guarantee a perfect fit. If something is off with the fit we'll work with you to adjust it or make a new pair if necessary.

Warranty: If the shoes break within 90 days or 90 hours of play you get a free return. When you commit to us, we commit to you :)

Custom fit return customers receive a 20% discount on following purchases, with an added 10% if they re-use their box and return their used shoes.


Football boots should fit the shape of your feet.

At the end of the day football boots should fit the shape of your feet, not the other way around. While the customization aspect of these boots is really cool, for me, what makes these boots special, is the really wide and anatomical toe box, as well as the flexible sole plate.
Check out the full review here.

Douglas Pugh
Upper 90 Football

"The BioCleats fit my foot like a glove"

The problem is that modern cleats smash the foot into a tiny little torpedo shape that neuters the 28 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. While they do increase traction, the loss of foot function has dire consequences for foot, ankle, and knee injuries. It's not a good situation. When I lose all the sensory feedback, I'm no longer able to adjust to the ground. Modern cleats actually increase injury risk. The king of them all is going to be the BioCleats. The BioCleats fit my foot like a glove. It's a much better option. Full Youtube review here.

Graham Tuttle
The Barefoot Sprinter

"I'm able to maximize my speed."

They're great, traction is a lot better with the latest stud pattern. Cutting around defenders is great, I'm able to really put my foot down and not slip on the ground. I'm able to maximize my speed. Honestly, I feel like I can run at my fastest speed in the BioCleats. The comfort feels great. I would recommend the BioCleats since the 3D printed nature of them allow fully custom cleat placement.

Charlie's Full youtube Review

Charlie Thompson
Premier Youth Soccer Player

"My playtime has gone up while my knee pain has gone down"

In 2008, I had surgery on both knees for Patellar tendinosis. Ever since then I was unable to play soccer more than 2 times a week without experiencing a dull aching pain in my knees. For the past 3 years I've been testing and playing in BioCleats. It's been over a year since I've missed a game due to injury. I've been playing 2 games and 3 practices a week for over a year without any knee pain. My playtime has gone up while my knee pain has gone down. I know the BioCleats have been a major factor keeping my body healthy and strong while playing consistently at a high level. The toe spacers and metpads have given me the tools to reverse two decades of damage from conventional cleats. Don't get me wrong, barefoot & ATG style training have also played a part in my transformation. I'm super grateful to be able to push myself without worrying about damaging my joints. My full BioCleats review here.
Game Review here.

Oliver Brossmann
Primary Tester, Passionate Soccer Player & Prevolve Footwear Founder

"The BioCleats make me very happy."

I started wearing barefoot shoes about two years ago and immediately felt weird going back to my narrow narrow football boots. I searched the net and luckily found the work of Prevolve. Now I’ve been playing in the boots for over a year and really can’t see myself going back to ‘normal’ boots again. From the beginning I just felt so much freer. Just the feeling that I could actually tell my foot what I wanted it to do, and succeeding. The boots make me very happy. And that’s the main thing.
The progress Prevolve has made with the boots over the last two years is also very remarkable. The new pair I got some weeks back is, honestly, feels like it to me, faultless. It’s a crazy sensation running around in these and just having the response and feeling of your feet being barefoot. So a big thanks to Prevolve Footwear. Instagram Post review/testing.

Andreas Lampadarios
Early Tester & Semi-Pro Soccer Player

"...given my game on the soccer field a second breath."

The journey to seek a functional and barefoot true cleat led me to Prevolve and my feet are fairly happy for it. They are no longer restricted by the tight toe box of conventional cleats. BioCleats are made to take advantage of the foots mechanics naturally, which involves letting the toes splay instead of restricting them, and having flexibility to allow the foot to extend as much as it is asked of. Relying on this cleat to unlock the biomechanics of my foot to the fullest has given my game on the soccer field a second breath. When I'm no longer having to worry how my foot moves on a sprint or how it lands on a jump, I have come to enjoy myself more. My training is now great for my cardiovascular health and in addition my foot health with my feet gaining strength while being biomechanically sound. I'm excited to continue to work to strengthen my feet all the while having as much fun as I've had playing soccer in a while without the discomfort and soreness that usually came from my conventional cleats.

Josue Martinez
Recreational Soccer Player

"...Biocleats help me build strength and stay healthy"

After 10 hours of playtime…

The BioCleats fit like a sock. For players who want longevity, and would like their foot to be as close to the ball as possible, this is the cleat for you.

There are lots of benefits to the BioCleats, for starters, they are a great cross between FG & AG type boots. I play on turf 5-7 days a week and my knees have been a constant problem. Exercises that help prevent injury paired with Biocleats help me build strength and stay healthy.

The soleplate is more flexible and less aggressive than your usual cleat. When I dig in to the turf my foot has to do a bit more work. Your feet work harder in some ways but with a lightweight boot it is not that much different than a phantom gx. The studs are conical and allow your legs to twist without getting stuck in the ground, which definitely helps prevent injury.

Biocleats do take some getting used to and may not be the closest to a traditional pair of boots. It takes patience and time to break into the boot and get your feet working at the same pace.

While breaking in the boot I suggest spacing out uses. Train technical work and cardio first before using in game. This will allow you to ease into the boot.

Robert Womer
Semi-pro Soccer Player

"BioCleats are a blessing to have."

BioCleats are blessing to have. Narrow cleats are not where it's at. These are revolutionary. This is something that makes sense. You've got a wide foot, why would you have your foot in a tiny little corridor? You need the space to access and engage your toes.

Caiman Littles
Premier Level Youth Soccer Player



Within 30 days of receiving your shoes, if the sizing feels off, send us an email (info@prevolvefootwear.com) with a detailed description of the issue, or give us a call 206-257-2135. We may be able to help accommodate your fit without producing a new pair. If the problem persists we may ask for the shoes back to make fit adjustments or have you submit a new scan and we will re-print and deliver a new pair of shoes. Our goal is to give you the best fitting pair of cleats and we'll do whatever it takes to make that happen :)


If you're unhappy with your BioCleats you can return them for a full refund during the first month. We believe you'll love your shoes and are willing to back the shoes with our full return policy.


If your BioCleats break or become dysfunctional within the first 90 days of use or 50 hours of play you can send the shoes back to Prevolve Footwear and we will replace them 1 time for free. We reserve the right to refuse such service if we deem the usage of the shoe was inappropriate for its purpose. (Don't use your shoes to walk over hot coals.) 


Return Customers receive 20% discount on following pairs and an additional 10% discount if the same shoe box is used to trade in the cleats. Reach out to info@prevolvefootwear.com for your discount codes.

Pricing below for BioCleats with Toe Spacers & Metpads included


  • Extra Small $395 (Less than 19.5 cm)
  • Small $465 (19.5 - 22 cm)
  • Medium $545 (22 - 27.5 cm)
  • Large $635 (27.5 - 30 cm)
  • Extra Large $735 (30 cm and greater)


Shoe weight depends on foot shape, body weight, foot strength and stud style... here’s a rough guide:


  • Extra Small (Less than 19.5 cm Foot Length) <5oz
  • Small (19.5 - 22 cm Foot Length) 5-8oz
  • Medium (22 - 27.5 cm Foot Length) 8-11.5oz
  • Large (27.5 - 30 cm Foot Length) 11.5-14oz
  • Extra Large ( 30 - 33cm Foot Length) >14oz

We estimate a delivery time of 2-3 weeks after receiving all required customer data. This time may fluctuate based on the amount of orders we are processing, but a longer ship time will always come with an email update.