Prevolve Footwear is engineered specifically for YOUR feet based on foot scans and data. To complete an order we require scans of both feet. We support two scanning options:

1. Find a In-person Volumental scanner near you from the list of common shoe retailers below. Then email your scan to info@prevolvefootwear.com OR enter the scan link during checkout.

2. Scan from home by clicking the Scan your feet link below and follow the online guide.

In-person scanners are slightly more accurate and we recommend using this option if your feet are significantly different from the average. For instance, if almost all soccer cleats on the market don't come close to fitting well, or if you have an abnormal foot shape.


Find a shoe store near you and ask if they have a scanner. Get scanned and email us the link or submit it with your order. Here are some retailers that have scanners on site: