Prevolve Footwear shoes are engineered specifically for YOUR feet based on foot scans and data.

To complete an order we require scans of both feet.

Either email your scan to info@prevolvefootwear.com OR enter the scan link during checkout.


  • Go BAREFOOT!, (no socks)
  • Stand with your feet straight (Parallel to each other)
  • Feet shoulder width distance apart
  • Gently splay your toes and engage your arches.
  • Avoid a collapsed foot or ankle position.
  • Stay as still as possible during the scan
  • Scan in the Afternoon, this gives the most realistic fit


1. Many shoe retailers now carry Volumental Foot scanners.

Find a shoe store near you and ask if they have a scanner. Once you find a Volumental scanner, follow our instructions then send us the link to your scan. Here are some retailers that have scanners on site.

Fleet Feet

Red Wing

Road Runner Sports


New Balance

Inter Sport

The Athlete’s Foot


Canada Goose Arctic Program

2. Find a Podiatrist

Talk to your local podiatrist and ask if they have a weight bearing 3D foot scanner. Email scan files as an OBJ mesh file. Make sure to follow our scanning instructions listed above.