Unique feet require a Unique process

3D - Scanning, Automated Modeling, Printing | 100% USA Manufacturing

A completely new approach to athletic footwear.

3D Scanning

We use volumental scanning technology to get the most reliable biometrics of your feet as possible. Scans take as little as 10 seconds to complete. Hundreds of shoe retailers now carry Volumental scanners in the US and world wide. Simply walk into a store with a scanner and email us the link. Our scanning guide below has more details.

Scanning guide

Fit Sheet Verification

After we've received your foot scan and order, we generate a custom print out to verify the fit. You print the sheets and send us top down photos. Once everyone is happy with the fit, we begin production.

Example Fit Sheets

Automated 3D Modeling

This is our special sauce.

After years of development, we have programmed an algorithm that seamlessly generates a shoe custom-fit to the unique contours of your feet. This algorithm adapts various features dynamically, drawing on precise measurements from your scans and foot photos, as well as, your sport, bodyweight and foot strength level. The end result is a shoe perfectly tailored to progress with you on your athletic journey.

Check out our blog post for more detail on how the algorithm was created.

3D Printing

GCODE sent to the printer consists of millions of points of data, creating a one of kind part without any added costs. Each layer of material is about .2 millimeters thick (less than the width of a human hair) creating a smooth, strong and highly detailed surface. Print time varies on the size of your feet, but all the parts can be printed within 24 hours. This allows the factory to run on optimized daily cycles. The future of manufacturing is printed.

USA Manufacturing

Each pair of shoes is custom-engineered & produced 100% in the USA. In house machinery means rapid production and design cycles so you see product improvements in weeks rather than years. Our highly automated process strives for minimal manual labor, with only two skilled hands touching each pair, allowing for consistent high-end quality. Operating on a no-inventory model, we craft shoes only upon order, eliminating overproduction and reducing environmental impact.

All that, for this: The first fully custom fit, 3D printed, minimalist, cleat.Designed to empower your body.


Order now and receive your pair 2-3 weeks after scans are received.