What is Prevolve's return policy?`

If you're unhappy with your shoes you can return them for a full refund during the first month. We believe you'll love your shoes and are willing to back the shoes with our full return policy.

What happens if my shoes break, is there a warranty?

If your shoe breaks and becomes dysfunctional within the first 90 days of use or 50 hours of play you can send the shoes back to Prevolve Footwear and we will replace them 1 time for free. We reserve the right to refuse such service if we deem the usage of the shoe was inappropriate for its purpose. (Don't use your shoes to walk over hot coals.) 

What if my shoes don’t fit?

Within 30 days of receiving your shoes, if the sizing feels off, send us an email with a detailed description of the issue. We may be able to help accommodate your fit without producing a new pair. If the problem persists we may request you submit a new scan and we will re-print and deliver a new pair of shoes.

How does pricing work?

$595 for BioCleats with Toe Spacers & Metpads included.

Return Customers receive 20% discount on following pairs and an additional 10% discount if the same shoe box is used to trade in the cleats. Reach out to info@prevolvefootwear.com for your discount codes.

How much do the shoes weigh?

Shoe weight depends on foot shape, body weight, foot strength and stud style... here’s a rough guide:


  • Extra Small (Less than 19.5 cm Foot Length) <5oz
  • Small (19.5 - 22 cm Foot Length) 5-8oz
  • Medium (22 - 27.5 cm Foot Length) 8-11.5oz
  • Large (27.5 - 30 cm Foot Length) 11.5-14oz
  • Extra Large ( 30 - 33cm Foot Length) >14oz
How does scanning work?

Our scanning page has our recommendations for how to acquire a foot scan.

Why do you include toe spacers and metpads with all your shoes?

We believe that in order to get the most out of our shoes, these tools are crucial. Toe Spacers allow a secure fit in our wider-than-normal toe boxes and keeps you from sliding around within toe box. Metatarsal pads help engage the arches of your feet with a soft replaceable foam with varying heights.

Why do you need foot scans?

When it comes to a great fit for maximum athletic performance millimeters matter. Volumental scanners are the most reliable widely available in person scanners on the market. Mobile device scanning has not proven reliable enough. We'll keep you posted if things change.

How often do I need to scan my feet?

The more recent the scan the better. We recommend adults re-scan their feet every 6-12 months. The more you use toe spacers and minimalist footwear the quicker your foot shape will become more natural. We recommend re-scanning before buying a new pair if you notice significant changes in your foot shape and strength. For Kids we recommend re-scanning every 6 months or after a growth spurt.

Can I buy internationally?

Yes, we sell internationally. Shipping costs will be added to your order during checkout.

How long will it take to get my shoes?

We estimate a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after receiving all required customer data. This time may fluctuate based on the amount of orders we are processing, but a longer ship time will always come with an email update.

Is it possible to expedite my order?

Not at the moment. The best way to ensure the earliest delivery is to get your order in early. Shoes will be built sequentially on a first-to-order basis.

What kind of socks should I wear?

We recommend wearing your socks dependent on your local weather, planned activity, and the overall fit of the shoe. Toe socks are great for creating more space between your toes. Normal socks can be used to ensure the Toe Spacers do not move.

What surfaces can I use the shoes on?

BioCleats are designed for a specific surface and it's highly recommended you only use your shoes on the surface you select in the purchasing process.

You can purchase an additional pair if you're playing on a different surface and receive your 20% discount.

How should I train when first wearing Prevolve shoes?

Prevolve Footwear shoes are more minimal and flexible than conventional shoes. That means they are designed to encourage natural foot movement. If you are planning on using these shoes for exercise and you have worn traditional shoes for most your life, your feet and lower legs may need a training period before intense usage with these shoes. 
A gradual break-in period is recommended. Start with 20-30 minute sessions. Judge your soreness the next day. If your body is in moderate pain, wait a day, continue these evaluations until you feel little to no pain. Return to your training and begin increasing the duration & intensity. Repeat this process for as long as necessary to get to 100% intensity.

No matter the scenario, we believe you must listen to your own body.

How long will my shoes last?

BioCleats are expected to last at least a full season or 50-100 hours of use depending on your level of training, and playing surface. Things that will improve durability include:

  • cleaning shoes regularly with warm soap and water.
  • Not walking on concrete
  • Not getting stepped on by other cleats ;)
  • Playing on clean artificial surfaces.

We are constantly working on improving durability. If your shoes break within 90 days or less than 50 hours of play we will replace them for free. Please remember to send us back the shoes to allow us to analyze the breakages.

Are my feet too big?

At this time we have a size limit of US 15 in men's. We are constantly working on upgrading our printers and scanners. We will do our best to increase this limitation in the future.

Are my feet too small?

There are no limitations in how small we can produce shoes.

How do I clean my shoes?

Cleaning Prevolve shoes is super easy. Remove the Insole, rinse in the sink with warm water & soap using a sponge to remove any dirt from outer surfaces. The shoes are waterproof, so there's no risk in completely submerging them. Dry with towel or near mild heat source.

Can I use orthotics with the shoes?

We do not recommend the use of orthotics in our footwear. The entire shape of your shoes will be custom fit to your feet based on your foot scans and data. Our footwear is designed to not only fit YOUR feet, but to also encourage good health. Instead of propping the arch up with a stiff orthotic, we use foam metatarsal pads (of varying thicknesses) to progressively regain function.

Can I put my own insoles into the shoes?

We recommend using the insoles provided as they are unique to your foot shapes and have a specific thickness that will work with your body/strength. If you have an insole that happens to be the same footprint as the shoe, and a similar thickness, go for it.

What level of foot strength am I?

Level 1 - I wear orthotics in all my shoes and look for the most cushioned shoe I can get.

Level 2 - I've never worn minimalist shoes.

Level 3 - I sometimes wear minimalist shoes, but still wear some conventionally designed footwear.

Level 4 - I primarily wear minimalist shoes.

Level 5 - I spend all my time barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

Level 6 - Give me the thinnest sole possible… I can run a mountain barefoot !!

How does 3D printing work?

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process.  The process we use is called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). For FDM a heated nozzle is used to extrude a filament, in this case a flexible plastic. This plastic is extruded in a thin layer on top of a level bed. Once a base layer is printed another thin layer is printed on top of it. This process continues until an entire 3D object is formed. We highly recommend checking out CNC Kitchen or Thomas Sanladerer's Youtube Channels to learn more!

Is Prevolve planning on making other types of athletic shoes?

Prevolve Footwear is solely focused on Cleated footwear and foot health accessories for the time being . We'll let you know if that changes ;)