Custom Softball Cleats - Prevolve Footwear
Custom Softball Cleats - Prevolve Footwear

Custom Cricket Shoes


Enhance your game with BioCleats, the first custom-fit minimalist shoe designed specifically for Cricket.

  • Split sole design for improved arch engagement.
  • Sharp Rubber Lugs for increased traction
  • Rubber Toe Guard for protection against balls.

Some Color Schemes may not load, but they are available to purchase.

Cricket design is currently being tested, will have more photographs soon!

Upper Color: Charcoal

Jet Black
Pure White

Cleat Plate Color: Clear


Accent Color: Black

Yellow (Sun)
Orange (Lava)
Product Details

BioCleats improve performance and reduce injury risk
by engaging your feet to integrate with athletic movement.


A full set of toe spacers and met pads are included with your order:

Custom Toe Spacers are 3D printed specific to your toe dimensions and curvature. Made of TPU foam for incredible durability. A full set only weighs about 6 grams! Keep your toes comfortably splayed with minimal bulk/weight. Spacers come in 3 different sizes so you can find the perfect setup for your toe splay.

Custom Metpads improve the posture of your foot, encouraging activation of the transverse arch which helps relieve pressure on joints. Come in 5 different levels to allow for progressive training of the arch.

Additional Details

Each shoe is made to order in the USA with 3D printing technology based on your foot scans and biometrics. Every part of the shoe is made with 3D printed TPU of varying composition and hardness. The only non-printed material are the laces.

Size Weight
Extra Small (Less than 19.5 cm Foot Length) <5oz
Small (19.5 - 22 cm Foot Length) 5-8oz
Medium (22 - 27.5 cm Foot Length) 8-11.5oz
Large (27.5 - 30 cm Foot Length) 11.5-14oz
Extra Large (30 cm and greater) >14oz

**Foot scans and fit sheets required before production can begin**

**Delivery estimate = 2 weeks after receiving all required foot data**

**Production time may vary depending on demand**


**If your cleats break within 90 days or 90 hours of play we will replace that pair for free (shipping not included) as long as the shoes are returned to Prevolve. Only one replacement pair per order.**


20% off for return customers if using the same foot scan. Email for discount code. Trade-in old shoes with custom shoe box for another 10% discount.

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