Graham Tuttle

Graham Tuttle AKA the Barefoot sprinter breaks down cleats.

Oliver Brossmann

Oliver's review of the BioCleats.

Caiman Littles

Caiman Littles' review of the BioCleats.

Raven Littles

Ravens review of the BioCleats

Charlie Thompson


The journey to seek a functional and barefoot true cleat led me to Prevolve and my feet are fairly happy for it. They are no longer restricted by the tight toe box of conventional cleats. Prevolve's cleats are made to take advantage of the foots mechanics naturally, which involves letting the toes splay instead of restricting them, and having flexibility to allow the foot to extend as much as it is asked of. Relying on this cleat to unlock the biomechanics of my foot to the fullest has given my game in the soccer field a second breath. When I'm no longer having to worry how my foot moves on a sprint or how it lands on a jump, I have come to enjoy myself more. My training is now great for my cardiovascular health and in addition my foot health with my feet gaining strength while being biomechanically sound. I'm excited to continue to work to strengthen my feet all the while having as much fun as I've had playing soccer in a while without the discomfort and soreness that usually came from my conventional cleats.

Josue Martinez