Why Custom fit minimalist cleats?

Why Custom fit minimalist cleats?

The typical cleat on the market is comically narrow. What makes BioCleats different? Lets start by comparing the toe box shape.

As you can see above, the BioCleats toe box is nearly twice as wide. So why do the largest shoe companies do this? They are pigeonholed into this design for a few reasons:

  1. They are manufacturing at scale for the masses. This means they have to create a product that fits the average person.
  2. The narrower the shoe the easier to produce. Shoe manufacturing has it's complexities, one of which is the toe box area de-lasting. Narrowing the toe box makes it easier to remove the last after assembly.
  3. On shelf aesthetics play a part. The success of these shoes are not determined by how they help or hurt individual athletes, but by how many are sold. Because the mainstream has gotten used to the sleek narrow toe boxes, it is the shape that sells the most shoes, even if it is unhealthy for most of the population.

Now if you look at how Prevolve does it:

  1. We make everything to order, custom fit to your exact foot dimensions. This includes foot length, toe shape, forefoot width and more.
  2. We handmake our shoes so that we can produce custom toe-boxes that are actually shaped like feet.
  3. We sell direct to consumer, targeting markets that understand there is more to good footwear than simply looking good.

A good pair of cleats should really do two things: protect your foot and provide traction. Most cleats on the market do this, but also constrict the foot beyond it's normal shape, creating harmful downstream effects. The BioCleats custom fit minimalist cleats are designed to empower your body. Reversing years of damage caused by improperly designed athletic shoes. We meet you where you are to help you on the road to longevity and sustainable athletic performance.