At Prevolve Footwear, we focus on creating custom-fit cleats that blend innovation with practical design. Our journey to developing the Grasshopper 3D algorithm, which powers our custom cleats, is rooted in the drive to make better footwear. This blog post explores why 10,000 hours were necessary for the development of this technology and how our founder, Oliver Brossmann, dedicated himself to this task.

The 10,000 Hour Journey

1. Coding the Algorithm

The core of our custom-fit cleats is the Grasshopper 3D algorithm, developed by Oliver Brossmann. He spent countless hours coding to ensure that the algorithm could accurately analyze and adapt to the unique contours of each athlete's foot. This work allows us to offer a level of customization that enhances both comfort and performance.

2. 3D Printing Prototypes

Coding and 3D printing began simultaneously, with both processes developing in an intertwined and iterative way. From the outset, Oliver integrated 3D printing with his coding efforts, transforming digital designs into physical prototypes. He religiously printed and tested numerous prototypes, each iteration bringing us closer to the perfect fit. This hands-on approach allowed us to measure performance and quality in real-world scenarios, ensuring that our cleats not only fit perfectly but also perform exceptionally on the field.

3. Measuring Performance and Quality

Measuring performance and quality was a crucial part of our process. Oliver spent significant time assessing the fit, comfort, durability, and performance of each prototype. By analyzing these factors, we made informed adjustments to improve the design, striving to achieve the best possible balance of all these elements.

4. Iterative Improvement Cycle

Designing our custom-fit cleats was inherently iterative. Each cycle of coding, printing, testing, and measuring provided valuable insights that led to further improvements. Repeating this process over 10,000 hours allowed us to continually refine our algorithm and prototypes, resulting in highly customized and well-performing cleats.

Learning and Adaptation

Self-Taught Expertise

Oliver's journey involved extensive learning and adaptation. Motivated by a desire to play soccer without knee pain, he taught himself Grasshopper coding through online resources, courses, YouTube tutorials, and a few college classes. This self-directed learning ensured that our algorithm stayed at the forefront of technology.

Grasshopper's Open Source Advantage

Grasshopper's open-source nature was a key factor in our development process. The platform's extensive library of plugins and the ongoing contributions from the global coding community provided us with tools and capabilities that enhanced our algorithm's efficiency and functionality. This open-source ecosystem allowed us to incorporate the latest advancements into our design process continually.


The 10,000-hour journey to developing the Grasshopper 3D algorithm for designing custom-fit cleats is a story of practical problem-solving and continuous improvement. Oliver Brossmann's dedication to coding, prototyping, measuring, and iterating has led to a product that meets the needs of athletes looking for custom solutions. At Prevolve Footwear, we aim to offer cleats that reflect the effort and learning invested in their creation, ensuring each pair provides both quality and performance.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and the open-source advantages of Grasshopper, we push the boundaries of what is possible in custom footwear. Join us in celebrating the 10,000-hour shoe—a product built upon all those before it, and a commitment to delivering the best fit and performance for every athlete.


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