BioCleats Improvement Log

Idea for custom fit, 3D printed, minimalist cleats.

Knee Injuries & Inspiration

Oliver Brossmann, the Founder of Prevolve Footwear, began his journey toward creating custom-fit 3D printed with a love for soccer. After undergoing a pair of patellar knee surgeries at 16, which altered his path from aspiring professional soccer player to mad scientist tinkerer/inventor, Oliver found inspiration in the book "Born to Run." This, coupled with an enlightening article on the future of 3D printing, ignited his idea to design shoes that enhance the body's capabilities. His initial foray into minimalist footwear began with the Vibram FiveFingers, a choice his calves would always remember.

Initial tests with cleats

Cleat Modification

Oliver's early experiments involved altering soccer cleats by sanding down their arches, aiming to enhance foot activation and alleviate knee pain. While these modifications yielded successful results in terms of comfort and performance, the modified cleats proved less durable, typically breaking down after 5 to 10 games.

First Prototype

3D printed prototypes - BioCleats

Oliver purchased his first 3D printer in 2013, but it wasn't until 2014 that he had successfully field tested his first prototype. An absolute unit, this prototype got about 5 minutes of testing before Oliver realized he had a long ways to go. Since then hundreds of prototypes have been printed and tested, each one a small step towards foot heaven.

Prevolve is Born

Prevolve: Empower the Human Body

In 2015 Oliver decided to take the plunge and start working full time on his vision of custom fit minimalist cleats. Working at several different locations in Seattle, he collaborated with designers, marketers and fellow entreprenuers to develop his brand and technology.

BioCleats - Testing, Testing

3D printing is easy?

Overhangs, durability, moisture exposure, flexible filament... Oliver had no idea the challenges that would come with making a fully 3D printed shoe. Many prototypes were made, most broke within 10s of hours, or were too uncomfortable to play in.

A fully printed custom fit shoe


Oliver Brossmann's early cleat prototypes were far from where they needed to be for commercialization. He decided to pivot to an "easier" shoe: the BioRunner. A fully printed, custom made, croc like shoe, Prevolve sold over 30 pairs. However, production challenges, and durability issues continued to plague the product.

Prevolve Resurrections

Research & Development 2.0

Starting up in his 1 bedroom apartment Oliver begins working again on 3D printed footwear. Enlisting the help of Reijer Kolle. They successfully develop fused TPU assembly, reliable soft filament 3D printing, and accessible 3D scanning techniques.

June 2023
Seattle 3D printing Factory

Prevolve Founder, Oliver, in his Natural Habitat

After spending multiple years printing in Longview. Oliver setup his new 3D printing factory in Seattle. The space is capable of producing 2 pairs of BioCleats per week.

September 2023
Intro to the NFL

Noah Igbinoghene first NFL athlete

Cornerback for Miami dolphins and then the Dallas Cowboys, Noah was the first NFL athlete to wear the BioCleats on field. His focus on barefoot training led him to find the BioCleats and purchase 15 pairs for his entire season. He scored the first touchdown in BioCleats when he recovered a fumbled field goal vs the NY Giants on September 10th, 2023.

November 2023
Redesigned for Durability & Comfort


Years of testing, thousands of hours of soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, rugby and ultimate frisbee. Over 30 different testers. The BioCleats are ready to revolutionize cleated sports. Revitalize your feet and reach your maximum athletic potential!