Nsiam Inyang, self-described "Curator of Unorthodox forms of Fitness" and insanely buff dude, recently came out with a YouTube video titled:
"The $400 BILLION Dollar Scam DESTROYING Your Feet"

It's awesome. You should definitely watch the whole thing. Then watch it again... and probably a third time. It's absolutely jammed pack with useful info, and it's entertaining to boot. 

It's the best video to date explaining the phenomenon of "Big Shoe" and what you as an individual can do to overcome the damage done to your body. 

In this blog post we're going to highlight some of our favorite points from the video and add a couple points of our own that we think Nsima missed. 

Now it turns out Nsima is/was a soccer player. He notes just how narrow his cleats were and even shows a picture of the surgery resulting from cleat that damaged his feet:

Ouch! He had a chance to go pro, playing college soccer, but a surgery for a bunionette obviously cut that dream short.


I mean just look at those shoes, they are nowhere near the shape of his feet. In his words: "foot coffins" We agree! 

Not only did the shoes result in a surgery, but for years he was unable to run due to knee and back pain. It turns out feet are extremely important in the process of running. They are the first line of defense when it comes to absorbing and dispersing the forces during landing.

Once Nsima began training his feet, he noticed that the pain in other parts of his body slowly started to subside. Since, he's experimented with a variety of foot exercises and practices.

Here's a summary of what he recommends:

Hand-Foot-Glove-Exercise- Glove your feet, Put your fingers inbetween your toes. Do this daily to gain toe flexibility and strength.

Toe Socks - Help with toe health by passively stretching and aligning toes.

Toe Spacers recover foot strength by aligning toes.

Texture mats bring bloodflow, awareness and strength back to your feet. 

Short Foot Exercise almost like balling your foot into a fist. Repeatedly contract the muscles in your arch to strengthen the arch muscles. 

How bout orthotics or custom insoles you might ask? According to Dr. Andy Bryant, natural podiatrist with 25+ years of experience, only about .001% of the population actually need them. In fact, according to Dr. Aaron Horsching, founder of Squat University within 12 weeks of use, orthotics cause atrophy of the muscles of the feet.

Healthy Shoes: So what makes a healthy shoe? They should be foot shaped, flexible, and flat, but be careful if you've worn shoes from the major brands, transitioning to healthy shoes might not feel good at first. Since you've been limiting your feet for so long the adaptations will take time.  "You may need to micro-dose their use at first" - Nsima. 

How feet are actually shaped ^ compared to modern cleats/dress shoes.

The bottom-line is that modern footwear, AKA foot-binding, has absolutely wrecked millions of feet. It's time for healthy footwear, shaped like actual feet, to take over!

Prevolve's Custom fit, 3D printed, minimalist cleats are designed to harmonize with your feet, while gradually encouraging greater foot strength and mobility. 


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